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IT Services

Please find in this section Information and access to the IT Services provided to the Master Students of the
International Space University.

The IT Team is dedicated to provide the best service to support the International Space University community.


Joel Herrmann

IT Manager

ISU on the Social networks

rune andre skaug replica72 rune andre skaug

@thesheetztweetz @ISU_SSP @ISUnet @iafastro @SpaceX a moon base be in your face always even if on the dark side (rockets are eternal)

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Tom Benson PathfinderEq Tom Benson

@DanaEn803 @ESA_CAVES @thesheetztweetz @ISU_SSP @ISUnet @iafastro @SpaceX @DaedalusSphere Agreed, lava tubes certai… https://t.co/LRo2lsmuAb

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Eduardo A. Cuyar eduardocuyar Eduardo A. Cuyar

@thesheetztweetz @ISU_SSP @ISUnet @iafastro @SpaceX Excellent proposal/idea! At least one concern, how to get rid… https://t.co/g4LnBWiiSb

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Bonk bonkbobus Bonk

RT @tobyliiiiiiiiii: A more closer look on the interior of a wet Starship workshop on the Moon. You can read the entire proposal from @ISU

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@afkoinafk A good project and strong team in a predictable and transparent road map, planned and projected, this is… https://t.co/r5N2UcFgsh

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